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Issuer Processing

Our issuing platform includes our innovative end-to-end card payment system, that is modular, cloud-ready, and seamlessly integrates with our Cascade Cloud API's and partner ecosystem. Our platform is scalable and flexible, allowing you to create a customized fit for your client's card program needs. This includes:  

  • Full Processing Capabilities: Cascade Processing handles all issuer processing needs for a card program: card issuing, system of record, real-time authorizations, and settlements.
  • Just-in-Time Loading: Card programs can leverage external balances to fund debit card programs.
  • Mobile Wallets: Our mobile wallets support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, as well as virtual cards.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Cascade Processing can scale to handle volume spikes, as client programs scale.

Processing Functionality

When it comes to Prepaid & Debit Card Issuing Processing, we provide full in-house capabilities. Our issuer processing capabilities will enable Program Managers like you the ability to achieve higher transaction volumes, improved performance, and provide enhanced features for debit and prepaid cards programs.

  • Card Issuance: Provides support of various payment instruments, whether it involves card personalization, credential generation (PIN, chip configurations, etc.), integration and management, distribution and activation.
  • Origination and Enrollment: Handle your program's card application processing, customer profiling, scoring and KYC processes.
    Product Management: We provide support for issuing and managing various card networks, including: VISA® and Mastercard®, as well as private label cards. All programs also have access to our 24/7/365 Call Center with support from our Customer Happiness team.
  • Account Types: Cascade Processing can handle multiple account types, including ATM/debit cards, private-label cards, gas cards, prepaid GPR cards, gift and loyalty cards.
  • Product Configuration: Configure fees, transaction limits, allowed transaction sets, validation rules, payment cycles, credit/debit card association compliance, and attach loyalty programs to your card program.

Flexible Rule Configuration & Fee Reduction

Configuration rules can be set up to increase or decrease the default fee value based on a cardholder meeting the rules’ criteria. Likewise, if the cardholder meets the requirements of a particular rule, a lower fee may be applied or even eliminated entirely.

Set conditions based on multiple parameters, such as transaction types, calculation methods, dollar amounts, and calculation periods. With these parameters, various tiers of fee reductions can be layered upon each other, creating complex rules. Construct a fee reduction rule around spending or depositing behaviors to encourage and incentivize such actions.

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Innovation and time to market are essential for a successful payment program to launch. Our innovative spirit is matched by our issuing platforms’ power, our solutions’ security, and our level of quality service. New functionality is added all the time, with a clear roadmap to our upcoming features. This allows you to launch innovative payment products and further enhance your card program consistently.

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Getting started with Cascade is easy. Let’s talk and see how we can work together to build the Prepaid Program you need. And if you need something different than what you see here, it's no problem. Just Ask.


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