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Bringing a Prepaid Program to market can be an extremely daunting task with lots of moving parts. But fortunately, Cascade FinTech has spent years developing the Cascade Cloud - our debit and prepaid program technology platform which makes it easy for your technical team to integrate with us and all of our partners.

Our goal is to be by your tech team’s side every step of the way. With Cascade FinTech’s debit and prepaid program technology, you will get your product to market faster, simpler, and with a smaller technology investment. Here is what we offer:

Debit and Prepaid Program Technology

We’ve developed the Cascade Cloud - our own cloud services for prepaid, and at the heart of these services are our RESTful APIs that unify all of our upstream providers into a single set of tools. Learn it once, deploy it over and over. (more)

Powered by AWS

Amazon Web Services provides the most scalable, stable, robust and fast platform. Amazon’s comprehensive security capabilities is home to many banking and financial platforms. With their robust compliance tools, Amazon helps us to achieve our PCI compliance. And one of the features our clients like best is the ability for AWS to scale to any level, no matter how fast your program grows.


Mitigating cyber risks - Cascade and all of our partners in the ecosystem ensure that we comply transparently with data privacy, data protection, and banking data safety & protection regulations. Contemporary privacy practices in addition to the latest cyber security threat defense-in-depth apply to all client and payment data, helping to minimize the amount of personally information distributed across the ecosystem and reducing risk.

Maintaining a user-friendly experience from a (mobile) personal platform, through a secure messaging layer to a personalized banking or payments service is facilitated by the cooperation of all involved parties. Secure software development practices and robust IT processes are leveraged to deliver successful services at the pace of an innovation-led, consumer-focused secure environment.

Most importantly, the commitment to our customers warrants an ongoing vigilance and review of traditional security postures with and close collaboration between all partners ensuring cyber-confidence while delivering a reliable and safe offering.

All private data exchanged with Cascade over the Internet is encrypted in transit. Insecure communication with our website(s) and mobile applications are automatically redirected to use secure TLS-1.2 endpoints. All data sent to our platform validates certificates when establishing a connection and all known vulnerable protocols, and some older versions of TLS, are disabled. Data at rest via all attached storage are provisioned as encrypted volumes.

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Our debit and prepaid program technology platform is a comprehensive package that makes starting and running any prepaid or debit program easier. Whether you’re looking to create a traditional prepaid program or have some special requirements that no one else has been able to satisfy, talk to our technology experts here at Cascade FinTech. Call us at 702-745-3065 or contact us today, and let’s get your debit or prepaid program started.

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Getting started with Cascade is easy. Let’s talk and see how we can work together to build the Prepaid Program you need. And if you need something different than what you see here, it's no problem. Just Ask.


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