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Prepaid Fraud Mitigation

These days there seems to be fraud everywhere you turn and the financial services industry is the biggest target for fraudsters. Debit and prepaid card fraud can drain a program’s profits quicker than anything else. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and their tactics are ever-changing. Cascade FinTech is determined to protect your customers to the best of our ability, which we’ve honed and strengthened over time and through much experience. Our suite of prepaid Fraud Mitigation tools, algorithms and procedures help to control and prevent fraud attempts at every step of the process.

Prepaid fraud mitigation works in three layers:

Load Fraud Mitigation

ACH disputes can be very costly, so prevention must begin before the load ever happens. That’s why we do our Load Fraud Mitigation work as soon as a new bank account is linked. We automatically verify accounts using an intelligent data layer that simplifies ACH authentication with the largest banks in the US (which covers over 90% of all accounts in the US). Using our technology, we instantly verify account ownership and check balances in real-time to improve the ACH processing from end-to-end. Then we continue to monitor ACH patterns, emphasizing transactions for new accounts.

Spend Fraud Mitigation

Spend Fraud is one of the most prevalent risks facing a prepaid card program. That is why our three-layer approach is so effective. Our pre-authorization systems combine real-time data analytics and pattern recognition to catch trending fraud types (even by merchant type).

Fraud Run

Occasional fraud is a normal part of any business, especially a business dealing with prepaid cards. But it’s a fraud run of dozens or hundreds of transactions that can cause the most damage. Our post-authorization fraud detection system detects and reveals fraudulent spending patterns. Then we put every transaction through our own proprietary algorithms for an extra layer of protection. That is why Cascade FinTech has proprietary algorithms and procedures in place to detect and immediately stop a fraud run.

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With our three-tiered fraud mitigation tools, we are positioned to stop fraud in its tracks and ensure your program and your cardholders are protected. We want all of our clients and their programs to be successful, which is why we are so focused on catching fraud before it starts with our Debit and Prepaid CIP Program, our Regulatory Compliance, and reducing fraud damage when it happens. Call us at 702-745-3065 or contact us today and let’s talk about starting your debit or prepaid program.

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