If you’re running a rewards or loyalty program, you’re faced with a choice of how to manage and pay the rebates back to your members. Checks are a possibility, but they are insecure and more difficult than electronic methods. You could use ACH, but that requires that all of your members have a checking or savings account, and that they are willing to provide it to you. Among the remaining options, your own Rewards and Loyalty program card stands out as the best choice.

But you knew that already.

Your Rewards and Loyalty program allows you to quickly and easily pay out your rewards to your members – funds show up immediately,

A Rewards and Loyalty prepaid card gives you the opportunity to brand your card, so that every time one of your members spends their reward, they’re sending a viral message to their friends and associates that your program pays, and pays big.

So now that you’ve decided to set up a Rewards and Loyalty program, your next decision is to choose a program manager.

Rewards & Loyalty
Pay your rewards and loyalty members directly to their own prepaid card branded with your name and logo.

Why Choose Cascade FinTech for Your Rewards and Loyalty Platform

One sure way to turn your rewards or loyalty members from raving fans into your biggest critics is to give them a card program that doesn’t work when they need it to. They earned their money and they want to be able to spend it whenever and wherever they want.

And of course, you want a program that keeps them all happy, provides great customer service, is built on a rock-solid foundation, is quick to build, and allows you to concentrate simply on growing your business.

Your choice of a program manager critical to your success, which means that you’ve got no better choice than Cascade FinTech as your program manager. Cascade has:

  • Industry-leading customer service, so that you keep the customers you worked so hard to get, and so that they come back to spend more.
  • World class fraud mitigation technology.
  • Industry-leading reliability and a technical platform based on Amazon AWS.
  • Up to date technical documentation that explains every call, object and function.
  • First class techsupport for your development team.
  • API calls and an instant sandbox that make programming and development consistent, reliable, quick and easy.

Cascade FinTech has all of that and more, and we’d like to do it for you and your Rewards and Loyalty program. Email or Call us today to learn more.

Cascade FinTech has all of that and more, and we’d like to do it for you and your Rewards and Loyalty program. Contact us or Call us today to learn more.