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Virtual Cards

Instant Gratification and Access

Virtual Prepaid and Debit Cards allow you to offer cardholders a versatile payment option to compete in today’s modern payments environment. They can be used online, over the phone, and with your cardholders favorite mobile apps.

Virtual cards are instant, secure, and can be ready to go once your cardholder passes the CIP/KYC process. This means your cardholders can activate, load funds and get started using their prepaid or debit card account almost immediately once funds are loaded.

Why Choose a Virtual Card?

Virtual prepaid and debit cards can be used similar to physical plastic cards when purchasing online, over the phone, or in a mobile app. They are instantly issued via our white-labeled mobile apps or the Cascade Cloud API. As the name suggests, a virtual card is not a physical, plastic card, but it is a card number that can be used for card-not-present transactions. While the card pulls funds from the same balance as a physical card, the card number is different which provides additional security for online transactions.

Your card program can offer both physical and virtual cards, providing an additional channel to allow your cardholders to easily manage, spend, and move their money. If time is of essence, you can use a stand-alone virtual card, eliminating the need to integrate with a card fulfillment vendor.

When combined with a smartphone’s pay wallet, the virtual prepaid or debit card can be brought into the physical world. This allows for purchases at millions of locations that support contactless payments. 

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Don’t Know Which To Choose?

Are you thinking about provisioning virtual cards on your card program? We have prepaid form factor experts ready to listen to you and customize a prepaid or debit card program that will match your objectives perfectly. Call one of our experts today. Dial 702-745-3065 or contact us to set up an appointment to talk. Don’t know where to start with your prepaid or debit program? No problem. Just ask!

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Getting started with Cascade is easy. Let’s talk and see how we can work together to build the Prepaid Program you need. And if you need something different than what you see here, it's no problem. Just Ask.


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