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Pay Wallets

Convenient and Secure

Pay Wallets are a great way to make your Debit or Prepaid Card more accessible and keep it top-of-wallet. With pay wallet integration on today’s leading wallet platforms, your cardholders will have seamless, reliable, and flexible payment experiences online and at the point of purchase.

Pay Wallets can help keep your cardholder data private by tokenizing the card information which prevents your cardholder’s card information from being stolen by card scanners or suspect cashiers. They also save time at the register as a cardholder can quickly pull their phone out, tap the payment device, and go.

We also support push provisioning so your cardholders can add their card to a mobile wallet right from your card program’s mobile app, giving them the ability to use them in the pay wallets with minimal friction.

When combined with a virtual card, a smartphone’s pay wallet can bring virtual cards into the physical world. This allows for purchases at millions of locations that support contactless payments. 

Pay Wallet Security

Mobile Pay wallets may offer more convenience and security compared to traditional plastic cards as they utilize a secure “token” that the card networks use to get the actual payment card details, which is safer to use than the actual primary account number.

These tokenized cards are made available for use with millions of merchants across the US and even more around the world.

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