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Guaranteed Profit GPR Cards

Having your own General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) prepaid card can be very lucrative with the right audience, the right marketing, and the right program manager. Still, reloadable card programs come with inherent risk for you, the program owner. There are fixed costs, variable costs, unpredictable usage, and the potential for fraud when cards are both loaded and spent. That is exactly why we developed our Guaranteed Profit GPR Card program as one of our many Prepaid Card programs. We take the risk while your card program enjoys the rewards.

Who is a Guaranteed Profit Prepaid Card Program For?

This Guaranteed Profit program is perfect for clients who want to create a co-branded GPR program but who are willing to reduce some of their upside potential in order to eliminate substantial risk. In most prepaid card programs, cardholder fraud can instantly turn a month’s profit into a loss. Even with Cascade FinTech’s triple-level fraud mitigation, some fraud is bound to get through.

But if your company is more interested in the stability of your profit stream than maximizing your profit stream, this guaranteed profit GPR prepaid program is perfect for you. For example, many companies’ core business has nothing to do with a prepaid card program, but they know that having an additional financial product like this helps to forward their business or marketing plans.

How Does The Guaranteed Profit Program Work?

Here is how the program works:

With the Guaranteed Profit GPR Prepaid Card Program…

  • You pay ZERO management fees.
  • You have ZERO cardholder liability.
  • You lose ZERO to fraud.

And you still earn a percentage of the interchange income.

And with most of our Guaranteed Profit Plans, you can also…

  • Get a custom-branded virtual or plastic card.
  • Earn a percentage of the fee income.

Plus, we will even help you work with and support your customers. How?

  • We will build your enrollment and marketing website.
  • We will build your prepaid program website.
  • We will build your mobile app and get it approved on the iTunes and Google Play stores.*
  • We will do all of your card fulfillment.
  • We will run your professionally staffed customer service call center.

* Mobile app is a shared app with other similar programs.

You pay a startup fee, your customer acquisition costs, and any related marketing costs, and that’s it. We share in the interchange income and fee income to help offset the costs of running the program. The Guaranteed Profit GPR Card program is available only with our existing fee structure, and there are several restrictions. But what the Guaranteed Profit Program does do is eliminate the risk for risk-averse or startup companies and organizations. It lowers the barrier to entry to the Prepaid Program business.

Prepaid Card Programs for Your Business or Organization

Cascade FinTech is a Prepaid Card Program Manager with innovation at its core. The Guaranteed Profit GPR program might not be what you are looking for, so talk to us about our White Label Prepaid Card Program or any other type of Prepaid Card Program.

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