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White Label Prepaid Card Programs

Are you looking to create a White Label Prepaid Card Program for your business? Cascade began as a prepaid card program called Cascade Card. We quickly became dissatisfied with our Program Manager, their technology, and the speed with which they implemented our program. That was when Cascade chose to become a Program Manager, taking control of our destiny, and using our experience for the benefit of our own clients' programs.

This is also why we built all of our state of the art technology, robust fraud prevention, and detection systems; moved to Las Vegas to open our own 24/7/365 call center; and why we have become our own Processor. All of this allows us to provide innovative and reliable White Label Prepaid Card Programs.

Our Prepaid Card Programs are ready to be white-labeled based on your requirements. Some of our programs can also remove the technological burden from you and your team, providing a turn-key customized solution. Find out how we can customize any of these Prepaid Card Programs for you.

White Label Prepaid Card Programs

Custom GPR Cards

For our clients who want to customize their program, this is the perfect option. You can set the fees (within certain boundaries) and choose the functionality that you want to offer to your cardholders. Read more about Co-Branded Prepaid GPR Card programs.

Guaranteed Profit GPR Cards

All prepaid programs come with inherent risks…except for this one. We take all the risk. You enjoy the profits. This is an excellent program for our clients looking for a smaller profit center to boost their business revenue while avoiding all the risk that comes with operating a prepaid program. Read more about our Guaranteed Profit GPR Card programs.

Payroll Cards

Pay your employees quickly and efficiently. Eliminate checks and the hassle that goes with them by depositing your employees’ pay directly onto a branded payroll card. Read more about our Payroll Card programs.

Contact Your New Issuer Processor

Getting started with Cascade is easy. Let’s talk and see how we can work together to build the card program you need. Just Ask.

How to Make a White Label Prepaid Card Program For Your Business

What are your goals with your white label prepaid card program? Are you looking for brand recognition? Is there a hole in your financial offerings that only a prepaid card can fill? Want to make payday a lot easier? If you want a prepaid card for your business, Cascade can help you with those solutions and more. Contact us or call us at 702-745-3065 and let’s talk. Whatever your co-branded financial product needs, we can create a solution for you.

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Getting started with Cascade is easy. Let’s talk and see how we can work together to build the Prepaid Program you need. And if you need something different than what you see here, it's no problem. Just Ask.


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