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Co-Branded Financial Products

As a state-of-the-art Program Manager built on a modern financial platform, Cascade enables financial services companies and FinTech startups to develop and launch their co-branded financial products. This includes prepaid card products, debit card products, and related financial services. Cascade can help you launch in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost that it would take them to build your card program from scratch. 

Co-Branded Financial Products

Our white-label financial products can be co-branded and customized to fit your company’s marketing and business plans. Whether your plans call for conventional GPR prepaid cards or debit cards, or something more unique -- like a co-branded prepaid card with rewards or prepaid cards that can be funded through cryptocurrency -- you will find it here. Cascade offers a wide selection of white-label products and form factors for your prepaid or other financial services business.

Prepaid Card Products

There is more to our co-branded prepaid card programs than just cards. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to design custom prepaid programs to fit any business plan or marketing plan and to work in any form factor from a traditional card to virtual cards. Read more about our co-branded prepaid cards:

  • White Label Prepaid GPR Cards: For our clients who want to customize their program and share in a more significant portion of the profits. Read more about White Label Prepaid GPR Card programs.
  • Guaranteed Profit GPR Cards: All prepaid programs come with inherent risks…except for this one. For qualified programs, we will take all the risk. You enjoy the profits. Read more about our Guaranteed Profit GPR Card programs.
  • Payroll Cards: Pay your employees quickly and efficiently. Read more about our Payroll Card programs.
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Debit Cards

With Just-In-Time (JIT) funding, cardholders can instantly access their account holding Cryptocurrency, Precious Metals (gold/silver/etc.), Custodial or Self Directed IRAs, or other accounts of value with their Debit Card. Read more about our Co-Branded Debit Cards.


We offer a complete line of wearable payment devices for our clients seeking non-traditional ways to pay, like with a wristband or keychain. Read more about our Custom-Designed Wearables.


Through our partnerships, clients can offer prepaid cards to their consumers that can be instantly funded with cryptocurrencies converted to dollars. Read more about our Cryptocurrency Prepaid Cards.

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Prepaid and Debit Form Factors

In addition to the above co-branded financial products, Cascade offers a variety of payment mediums to deliver your payment service:

  • Plastic Cards: There is often no better branding than when a customer pulls out a plastic card bearing your brand. EMV chip technology makes these cards more secure than ever, and the plastic card form factor makes the card a very familiar way to load and spend funds.
  • Instant Issue: Your business can distribute instant issue cards with your brand. Then your customers can load those cards with their own funds through a convenient payment network.
  • Virtual Cards: A virtual card is delivered to your customer’s computer or mobile device instantly. The customer gets a 16-digit card number that can be used anywhere that card-not-present transactions or contactless transactions via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are accepted. Sending a virtual card is quick, easy and inexpensive.
  • Wearables: Prepaid technology can now be easily embedded into wearables, giving your customers or affinity group a more visible way of doing your marketing for you. Plus, these same wearable devices can be embedded with other features that have nothing to do with payment systems, including identification, access control, memberships, and more.

Ready To Plan Your Co-Branded Financial Products?

Co-Branded financial products are an excellent way to help your company to achieve its financial and marketing goals. Call us at 702-745-3065 and we’ll work on your plan together and design a custom co-branded prepaid product just for you. Because Cascade is a modern fintech company, we have the flexibility to do almost anything you might imagine. Contact us today and let’s design a prepaid solution for you.

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Getting started with Cascade is easy. Let’s talk and see how we can work together to build the Prepaid Program you need. And if you need something different than what you see here, it's no problem. Just Ask.


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