Congratulations, you chose your program manager and it’s time to get started with implementing it to work with your own technology.

You’ve been told that it’s a long road to a prepaid program implementation. And from the looks of it, that’s an accurate statement. But that’s okay. With every API comes detailed documentation. So it can’t be that difficult. Can it?

Here’s Your Technical To-Do List

Let’s get the tech team started. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Learn to Communicate with your New Processor

Opening and closing accounts. Verifying transactions. It’s all done through the processor. Read the API documentation for your new processor. It could be a SOAP API, and may not properly implement inheritance among objects. But you will practice writing to the new API, cobble together some code together and you’ll see how it works.

2) Learn to Communicate with the Fraud Mitigation Vendor

These APIs might be well documented, but every type of transaction requires a different set of API calls, and objects with similar names don’t have similar properties. Keep at it. Everyone else has.

3) Learn to Communicate with the ACH Provider

Every Prepaid program has to create a way to load funds onto GPR accounts. That means ACH transactions, and that means another new set of APIs. There’s no telling what kind of API you may be given (JSON? SOAP?), but it’s a certainty that you’ll need to learn it. And quickly, too. The program launch date is approaching.

4) Learn to Communicate with your Background Check Provider

All programs run background checks on all new accounts during the new-account setup process. And this provider is going to have its own set of APIs. The good news is that they are probably more modern RESTful APIs. The bad news is that it’s a whole new set of documentation to read and APIs to learn. (Oh, you don’t do background checks? You should!)

Our own custom RESTful APIs make development of your new program faster, easier, and more reliable.

It’s a Prepaid Program API “Tower of Babel”

You’ve got four, and maybe more APIs all wrestling for your developer’s attention, and they all use their own API and come with their own long, lengthy set of documentation.

Much of this documentation has nothing to do with the actual tasks that you need to get done because the API was written for general use by all kinds of businesses. But you just need to use it for your prepaid program.

And many of these APIs were written years, or even decades, ago and haven’t been updated because the large entrenched base of users would all have to upgrade.

And the APIs themselves are all potentially different types. You could be dealing with SOAP, RESTful, JSON, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC or any of a number of others.

There’s got to be a better way.

The Cascade Cloud APIs: A Rosetta Stone for Your Prepaid Program Developers

That’s why we developed the Cascade Cloud APIs.

When you choose Cascade FinTech as your program manager, you get access to our single set of Cascade Cloud APIs.

You learn our APIs one time.

You learn our objects one time.

You learn to call our APIs the same way every time.

And you launch your prepaid program on-time.

That’s because we’ve developed our own RESTful APIs that unify all of our upstream providers into a single set of tools. Learn it once, then deploy it over and over. Included in our RESTful APIs are calls and objects for your:

  • Processor
  • Fraud Mitigation Services
  • ACH Provider
  • Background Check Provider

You just write to our simpler and more compact APIs and we’ll do the rest. Objects are properly inherited. Calls to similar functions are implemented consistently. And in a nutshell, your development goes faster.

Play in Our Sandbox

If all we did was provide our proprietary Cascade Cloud APIs, you’d be able to get your program up fast. But we go even further, giving you access to your own development sandbox almost immediately.

That means you’ll be able to code and test your API calls as soon as you can learn them (which you already know will be very quick).

That means your development team can start faster, test faster, and complete its development faster than with any other prepaid program.

Cascade Cloud APIs “In a Nutshell”

And that is why so many new independent programs are choosing Cascade FinTech as their program manager.

Email or Call us to discover how our prepaid card technology can help your prepaid card program.

Cascade Cloud APIs “In a Nutshell”

And that is why so many new independent programs are choosing Cascade FinTech as their program manager.

Contact us or Call us to discover how our prepaid card technology can help your prepaid card program.