If your business plan includes running a prepaid program, then you’ve probably done your research already. What you have certainly discovered is that it’s an extremely lucrative business model for all kinds of organizations.

You know that:

  • Companies are building huge businesses based on prepaid technology.
  • Companies are also enhancing their existing business models with prepaid programs.
  • Nonprofits are implementing prepaid technology by creating affinity programs, which enhance giving and contribute to their bottom line.
  • International corporations often look to Prepaid to increase their presence in the US. (Prepaid is huge internationally, and growing rapidly in the US.)
  • Any company with a captive audience who is looking to leverage their standing and spread their brand.
  • Any company with a captive, lower income, non-bankable audience looking to serve this very much underserved market.
  • Clever entrepreneurs with vision create the future of prepaid with their innovative business ideas.

If you’re looking to start a prepaid program, you are probably one of these groups.

Guaranteed Profit Program
How can anyone guarantee a profit on a prepaid program?

The Risk of Prepaid

But if you truly did your research, you also know that running a prepaid program can be full of risk.

Any prepaid program has fixed start-up costs, fixed monthly costs, variable per transaction fees, and the great unknown: the risk of fraud.

At the start of your program, while your audience is growing, your minimums may overtake your revenues. And once your program is up and running, fraud in all of its varieties can rob you of your profits, turning even your highest revenue months into a cashflow-negative period.

Some companies and organizations are all about taking risks, but yours may not be. That is why we offer the Cascade FinTech Guaranteed Profit Program.

What is a Prepaid Guaranteed Profit Program?

Imagine having a branded prepaid card for your brand, company, nonprofit or organization. It all sounds perfect, except for the risks.

Now imagine your prepaid program growing steadily, month by month. You know that some bad people are trying to commit fraud, but you never had to absorb the costs. You know you have a great website and even a mobile phone app…but you’ve never paid for those, either.

All you are focused on is growing your business and your brand.

That, in a nutshell, the Cascade FinTech Guaranteed Profit Program (GPP).

With the Guaranteed Profit Program…

  • You pay ZERO management fees.
  • You have ZERO cardholder liability.
  • You lose ZERO to fraud.

And you still earn a percentage of the Interchange income.

And with most of our Guaranteed Profit Plans, you also…

  • Get a custom-branded virtual or plastic card.
  • Earn a percentage of the fee income.

Plus, we will even help you work with and support your customers. How?

  • We will build your enrollment and marketing website.
  • We will build your prepaid program website.
  • We will build your mobile app and get it approved on the iTunes and Google Play stores.
  • We will do all of your card fulfillment.
  • We will run your professionally staffed customer service call center.

How is this possible?

If it Sounds Too Good to Be True…

You grew up with your parents and teachers telling you that if it sounds too good to be true, then it must be too good to be true.

We were taught that, too. It’s good advice.

So it follows that there must be a catch, and here it is:

You pay your customer acquisition costs, and any related marketing costs. The program is available only with our existing fee structure, and there are several restrictions. We share in the interchange income and fee income to help offset the costs of running the program.

But what the Guaranteed Profit Program does do is eliminate the risk for risk-averse or startup companies and organizations. It lowers the barrier to entry to enter the Prepaid Program business.

There’s more to this program than we can reasonably show you here, so if this sounds like the program for you, Email or Call us today. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.

There’s more to this program than we can reasonably show you here, so if this sounds like the program for you, Contact us or Call us today. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.