Prepaid cards aren’t always “cards.” Because prepaid technology is evolving and innovating every day, new prepaid form factors are being introduced at a surprising rate.

That means that we can build a prepaid business around almost any vision…even if the vision includes no physical card at all.

On the other hand, your business may need a conventional, branded plastic card. Whatever your business plans require, we can come up with a prepaid program in a form factor that will work for you.

Plastic Cards

There is often no better branding than when a customer pulls out a plastic card bearing your brand. EMV chip technology makes these cards more secure than ever, and the plastic card form factor makes the card a very familiar way to load and spend funds.

Virtual Cards

A virtual card is delivered to your customer’s computer or mobile device instantly. The customer gets a 16-digit card number that can be used anywhere that card-not-present transactions are accepted. Sending a virtual card is quick, easy and inexpensive.

Instant Issue cards

Your business can distribute instant issue cards with your brand. Then your customers can load those cards with their own funds through a convenient payment network.


Prepaid technology can now be easily embedded into wearables, giving your customers or affinity group a more visible way of doing your marketing for you. Plus, these same wearable devices can be embedded with other features that have nothing to do with payment systems, including identification, access control, memberships and more. More details about our Wearables technology at

Regardless of which form factors you choose, you will always have Cascade FinTech’s platform behind you.

  • Industry-leading customer service, so that you keep the customers you worked so hard to get, and so that they come back to spend more.
  • World class Fraud Mitigation technology.
  • Industry-leading reliability and a technical platform based on Amazon AWS.
  • Up-to-date technical documentation that explains every call, object and function.
  • First-class tech support for your development team.
  • API calls and an instant sandbox that make programming and development consistent, reliable, quick and easy.

Whichever form factor works for you and your business, Cascade FinTech can help. Email or Call us today.

Whichever form factor works for you and your business, Cascade FinTech can help. Contact us or Call us today.