Are you starting a prepaid program for your business, organization or affinity group? Then you are most likely looking for prepaid card services that are rock-solid reliable, secure, cost effective, and quick to implement.

We believe you deserve nothing less.

Why Cascade FinTech Prepaid Card Services?

We were once in exactly the same situation you are; Looking for a good program manager. Cascade began as a prepaid card company. We quickly became dissatisfied with our program manager, the back end technology, and even the customer service.

So we became our own program management company that met our own extremely high standards.

Now, Cascade FinTech’s goal is to provide exceptional prepaid card services to all our clients, including you.

Prepaid Program Manager
Cascade FinTech is a prepaid program manager that is designed to help your independent program excel.

It Starts with You, Our Client

Our service begins with you, who you are, and the kind of prepaid card services you are looking for.

  • White Label Card Services: For our non-technical clients, we provide a full Done-For-You program. You just say “go”, and we do!
  • Custom Prepaid Programs: For our clients with technical resources, our programs give you the most advanced APIs and technical support in the industry. Even an instant sandbox. You’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Guaranteed Profit Programs: All Prepaid programs come with inherent risks…except this one. We take all the risk. You enjoy the profits. (read more)

Prepaid Programs

Cascade FinTech provides a full range of Prepaid card services, technology and customer service that will make your new or existing white label, co-branded card or stored value solution work better than you thought possible.

  • GPR Programs: Create or Extend your brand with our General Purpose Reloadable Prepaid cards. (read more)
  • Gift Cards: Branded one-time-load gift cards are an excellent way to expand your marketing reach. You design the card and we do the rest. (read more)
  • Rewards, Corporate Incentive & Loyalty Cards: Grow your business by giving rewards and loyalty bonuses to your buyers or members. (read more)
  • Commercial Cards: Manage expenses in your company easily and inexpensively with our Commercial Prepaid cards. (read more)

Payment Services However You Need Them

Prepaid reloadable plastic cards are just the beginning. With Cascade FinTech, you can choose how you would like to deliver your payment services. We can do it all!

  • Instant Issue: Instant Issue cards can be purchased off the shelf.
  • Virtual Cards: It’s the card without the card. The card is delivered via secure email and the funds are immediately spendable.
  • Tokenized Payment Systems: Embed your payment program into thousands of wearable devices. Just a wave or tap and payment is made.

Whatever your goals are with your prepaid business, Cascade FinTech can help. We are focused on getting your program up and running quickly, running your program efficiently, and keeping your customers spending happily…while helping increase your bottom line.

Email or Call us today and let’s discover together how we can best help you achieve your prepaid program goals.

Contact us or Call us today and let’s discover together how we can best help you achieve your prepaid program goals.