Here’s the secret that prepaid program managers will not tell you:

Most card programs in the world live or die by their call centers.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the lowest fees, the coolest looking card, the most loyal affinity brand, a captive audience, the most ways to load a card, the slickest iPhone app or even a card that is “accepted everywhere.”

These days, one bad interaction with a poorly trained call center ends up on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn. The list goes on and on. And the problem is that it all happens almost instantly, before you knew you had a problem, or had an opportunity to handle it.

If your customer service call center is failing your customers, then your call center is failing you.

The Problems with Most Prepaid Call Centers

A large and successful independent prepaid card program we are familiar with recently suffered great losses because of their call center. Here is what went wrong:

  • The call center, which was outsourced to their program manager’s call center, was based outside of the USA to take advantage of the cheaper labor.
  • This particular country has a culture of extreme politeness, which often comes across as extremely formal and impersonal.
  • The call center was understaffed, which caused many calls to have long hold times.
  • Online support requests were sent to a customer service black hole, some never to be handled.
  • Their lack of proper fraud training and their eagerness to please the caller led them to grant customer requests too easily.
  • The call center was poorly trained, leading to a variety of other problems.

This poorly trained call center put off many of their best customers and too easily accommodated those looking to commit fraud. Some customers were treated well but still felt unhappy. Others were treated outright poorly, and some were never called back. Overall, most of them felt they were not heard, and left the program.

The net effect is that this formerly successful prepaid program lost 90% of their cardholders and struggled to stay in business.

Prepaid Call Center
Your Prepaid Call Center can make or break your program. We provide this service for all our own programs and others, too.

How to Run a Proper Prepaid Program Call Center

The very last thing you want to do is to put your business resources behind a prepaid card program only to have it killed off by the one thing that was supposed to make you so successful.

We feel the same way, and when Cascade started as an independent program, we had troubles similar to the ones you just read about.

So part of our commitment to ourselves, to our cardholders, and to our program management clients was to have a world-class call center.

We’ve already achieved our goal…but don’t worry, we’re still getting better!

Here’s how:

  • Our call center headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada, the heartland of the western United States.
  • All of our call center personnel live and work in the USA and speak American English.
  • Our call centers, like most of Las Vegas, are open and taking calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • All of our call center personnel have a superpower: Every single one of them is empowered to handle any issue for any customer on the spot.

And while we pride ourselves on making sure our callers’ satisfaction is job one, we also are very aware that the customer would not be a customer if the card program did not exist. That is why we also make sure we protect our independent programs from abuse and fraud.

  • All of our call center personnel are fully AML/BSA trained. If they don’t pass our tests, they never touch a phone.
  • All of our call center personnel go through our own rigorous fraud training program. They are our front line of defense against all types of prepaid program fraud, including spend fraud and load fraud.
  • All of our call center personnel go through our own customer service training program. That means that they know how to say yes when it’s appropriate, and no when it’s necessary. And all the while, they know how to help our callers on the other end feel heard, valued and appreciated.

What If Cascade FinTech Is Not My Program Manager?

Our first answer is “Why aren’t we?”

But if you are happy with your current program manager but still need to improve your customer service call center, we’re ready to help.

Your current program manager may be handling your call center in a way that you’re not happy with. Or maybe you are just beginning to notice the trends on your customer service reports that indicate calls aren’t handled properly, or that fraud is getting through, or that people are rating your Customer Service staff poorly.

Whatever you are noticing, here’s what you need to know: We can do your customer service even if your program is managed by someone else.

And of course, if you are currently handling your own customer service, you are probably quickly realizing that running your own call center is not your core competency. Building and marketing your program is what you should be focused on.

If you see that your program is on the decline, or if you just want to focus on building your business, we can help you, too.

There’s truly a difference in prepaid program call centers. To find out more, Email or Call us today. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.

There’s truly a difference in prepaid program call centers. To find out more, Contact us or Call us today. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.