More and more, gift cards are the default “one-size-fits-all” easy gift to give just about anyone. And now it’s easier than ever to buy and give a gift card, whether it’s plastic or virtual. As a result, the lucrative gift-card industry is growing incredibly fast.

And the fact that you can find gift cards for sale in almost every retail outlet has made it even more common and acceptable to give or receive a gift card.

According to the National Retail Federation, gift card spending is projected to reach $25.9 billion in 2016. Gift cards rank as one of the most requested holiday gifts, allowing the recipient to buy, and providing the giver an easier way to give in a meaningful way.

If you’ve already decided to build your own gift card business, then your most important step is to choose a program manager to help you build and run the business.

Gift Card
Start your own gift card program with Cascade FinTech

Why Choose Cascade FinTech for Your Gift Card Platform

Your choice of program manager for your gift card business is a critical one. The wrong choice can result in an incredibly slow development process, running on old and unreliable technology, runaway fraud, and “customer service” that excels only at disappointing your customers.

You need better than that for your new Gift Card program, which makes your choice of a program manager critical to your success.

Cascade has what you need to build a reliable, growing Gift Card business:

  • Industry-leading technical resources and reliability based on Amazon AWS.
  • Multi-Layer fraud mitigation technology
  • API calls and an instant sandbox that make programming and development consistent, reliable, quick and easy.
  • Thoroughly modern technical documentation that explains every call, object and function.
  • First-class technology and support to your development team.
  • Industry-leading customer service, so that you keep the customers you worked so hard to get, and so that they come back to spend more.

Cascade FinTech has all of that and more, and we’d like to do it for you and your gift card program. Email or Call us today to learn more.

Cascade FinTech has all of that and more, and we’d like to do it for you and your gift card program. Contact us or Call us today to learn more.