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Cascade Integrates Accessibility Tools Into Client Websites, to Make FinTech More Accessible to People with Disabilities

Cascade announces technology added to their client card program websites will make them more accessible to a broader audience with various needs.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 – Las Vegas-based Cascade Financial Technology Corp (“Cascade”) announces that it will start offering ADA-compliant accessibility tools on their client debit and prepaid card program websites. The tools are guided by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) drafted by the open standards body, the W3C, and aim to make web content more accessible.

Cascade announces technology added to their client card program websites will make them more accessible to a broader audience with various needs.

The FinTech industry enables people with almost any financial background the ability to participate in today’s card-centric economy, and as a result, the online economy. But millions of people — including the visually impaired, motor impaired, cognitively impaired, and others — have been excluded from participating in both local commerce and e-commerce because they don’t have the ability to use websites in order to apply for or manage a debit or prepaid card.

“FinTech companies have long ignored people with disabilities — including the 12 million people living in the USA who, according to the CDC, are blind or otherwise visually impaired,” states Cascade’s CEO, Spencer Schmerling. “We believe all people should have the ability to access the innovative products and services that our clients are creating so that cardholders can manage their finances safely, securely, and without struggling with inaccessible website technology,” continued Schmerling.

The technology that Cascade is using is supported and maintained by service partner Web Compliance Pro. Mark Widawer, President of Web Compliance Pro, stated that “There are nearly 80 success criteria in the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines, and it is challenging to satisfy them all with conventional coding techniques. Our Intelligent Accessibility Compliance System helps to make Cascade’s websites WCAG 2.1 AA compliant and gives each disabled user the tools to customize the websites to their unique abilities.”

Schmerling adds, “We so strongly believe in the need to serve this largely ignored community, we not only use this technology on our clients’ customer-facing websites but also our own corporate website.”


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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cascade Financial Technology Corp is an issuer processor that provides a reliable and scalable platform for FinTech start-ups to quickly get their product or service to market. Cascade’s platform features RESTful API’s, full BSA/AML compliance, automated KYC, extensive fraud mitigation, and world-class USA based customer service, all of which enable our clients to create the most innovative and inclusive financial products and services that allow all people to participate in the FinTech revolution.  

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